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  • Mounting my miniPC and Powerbox
    I recently got a Pegasus Pocket PowerBox Advanced for my astro setup, and while I was at it I moved my miniPC up to attach on the telescope instead of onto my mount. I did this using the accessories from BuckEye Stargazer. Unfortunately, there are not a ton of guides or instructions available for how… Read more: Mounting my miniPC and Powerbox
  • Achieving better telescope balance
    On the astrophotography Discord server I hang out on I’ve seen lots and lots of folks struggle with balancing their telescope. I think a big part of the reason why this is so difficult is that a lot of the descriptions of what good balance is are vague or non-existent. So I went ahead and… Read more: Achieving better telescope balance

Home Lab

  • Network Setup
    WiFi: NetGear Orbi RBRE960 (AP mode, 3AP Mesh)Router: Custom MiniPC pfSense Router (10GBit LAN, 2.5GBit WAN)